What will the next generation of computers be like ?

The last 50 years have seen incredible advances in computing and digital technology. Half a century ago computers were exotic, expensive, specialised machines, only affordable to big business, government and scientist. Only the most visionary people at that time would believe how things have moved on.

Today it’s no exaggeration to say that, certainly in the developed world, Information and Computing Techologies (ICT) pervade every aspect of our lives. We are, most of us, connected most of the time to information via the World Wide Web, to our work, and perhaps most significantly to each other.¬† Digital technology underpins¬† just about every industrial process, our transport and healthcare systems, and our leisure and social lives.

The Next Generation Computing Roadmap consortium was formed to look into the future – towards 2020 and beyond – to try to predict what the computing of the future will be like. We are talking to technology and market experts to find out how we should be planning a programme of research in the European Union to exploit fully the opportunities that lie ahead.

Our roadmap will be produced in early 2014 as input to the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research programme.